Dressing An “Inverted Triangle” Body Shape

by | Jun 11, 2020

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Inverted triangle body shapes are where the hips and waist are narrower than the shoulders and bust.

Balancing an inverted triangle shape will put more emphasis on the lower half of the body to balance the upper half of the body creating more of an hourglass shape.

V-neck and scoop neck tops, and structured blouses will help create a long visual line and take the emphasis off your upper body.  You may want to keep patterns to a minimum on your upper half, keeping the focus on your bottom half.

These tops are all great options for inverted triangle body shapes.

Structured jackets are another great way to define a waist for an inverted triangle shape. Look for darts and seams in the front that create a long visual line and take emphasis away from your top half.  Peplums and A-line longer jackets will also help balance your body.

These jackets all create the illusion of a narrow waist on rectangle body shapes.

Another way for inverted triangle body shapes to get the illusion of an hourglass shape is to add volume to your hips.  One of the easiest ways to do this is with A-line skirts and dresses, or full skirts.  Wrap dresses are another great way to balance the upper and lower halves of your body.

Inverted triangle body shapes can add more volume and interest in their bottom half by wearing pants with a slight flare or a wide leg.

Next week we will be talking about the “hourglass” and “apple” body shapes.

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