The Magic of Adding A Third Piece

by | Oct 29, 2020

Doing this one thing will have you going from frumpy to put together.

It’s true.  Adding a third piece to your outfit will have you going from looking frumpy to looking put together.

Even your basic t-shirt and jeans will look more put together if you add a belt or necklace.

Starting with the basics, a top and jeans. It looks ok, but doesn’t give you that “wow, she really has her sh*t together” vibe.

Adding that third piece is an easy step to get you looking and feeling like you are put together AND it doesn’t take much time or effort.

Your third piece can be a belt, a piece of statement jewelry, a scarf, a jacket, or a sweater. Look at these before and after and see how the third piece really ups your style game.

Adding a statement necklace (and a little front tuck).

Or a scarf as a belt.

Or even just a belt.

Even a casual jacket or cardigan ups the game.

Ladies, give this a try! Take yourself from looking “meh” to “put together” just by adding a third piece to your outfit.