Let’s Roll

by | Nov 12, 2020

Anyone else remember precisely rolling your jeans in the late 80’s and early 90’s?

Our hair was big, but our jeans were rolled tight at the ankles.

Jean rolling or cuffing has come a long way!

Cuffing your jeans shows a little bit of skin at one of the thinnest part of your body, the ankle.  The eye is naturally drawn to where skin is showing, so why not highlight that part?

Jean rolling also adds that “something” extra that makes you look like you put in more effort on your total look, without spending a lot of time.

There really are no rules for rolling or cuffing.  Try a couple of different options and go with the one that you think looks best.

  • You can create a large cuff.  This works great with skinny and straight leg jeans.
  • You can also just roll the bottom hem of the jeans.  This works best with skinny jeans, and is a go to for cold weather when you want to show the minimal amount of skin.  I also think it looks a little dressier.
  • A messy double roll, roll twice and scrunch them up a bit, works well with boyfriend, skinny, and straight leg jeans.
  • The “mullet” roll, is a larger roll, with just part of the front rolled up is great with boyfriend and straight jeans.

Are you a fan of rolling your jeans?

Unsure of how your cuffs look?  Share a photo in my Facebook Community we will give you our expert advice!