Are Stylists Only For Celebrities?

by | Jan 14, 2021

The word stylist conjures up images of glamorous red carpet outfits, perfectly styled hair and make-up, and gorgeous jewel laden celebrities. In reality working with a stylist isn’t just for the rich and famous.

Working with a stylist is for anyone who wants the tools and knowledge, that no one ever taught them, to ensure getting dressed is not only easy, but fun.

A huge complaint women have is that clothes don’t fit their body.

The types of clothes that flatter our body are going to change as we age. What worked in your 20’s is not necessarily going to work in your 40’s and beyond. No wonder we have such a difficult time finding something that looks good on our bodies.

Women’s bodies change a lot through the course of their lifetime. As we age our hormones change, and that changes the way our body metabolizes what we eat, and where that extra fat gets stored. Working with a stylist will help you determine your current body shape and how to best dress that shape.

Stress, putting others first, and unhealthy body image keep us from looking and feeling our best everyday. It may have been years since we have taken care of ourselves. Modeling the importance of getting dressed and feeling good is something we want to share with our daughters and all the women around us.

Shopping might not be something you love, or you might not even have the time to shop. If this is the case, you definitely want to build a relationship with a stylist. She will learn your style, body shape, and what is in your closet. Then she can find the perfect pieces for you while you are spending your time on what you do enjoy.


Whatever your reason for not taking the time for your self, listen to me –

You DESERVE to look and feel AMAZING every single day!

You would give this advice to your best friend – why don’t you believe the same for yourself?

Working with a stylist is going to help you:

  • Find your own personal style
  • Determine your body shape and how to best dress that shape
  • Clear the clutter from your closet so you are left with only clothes you love
  • Shop for the pieces you need to best compliment your body, lifestyle, and what you already have in your closet
  • Create outfits and outfit formulas for your style, shape, and lifestyle
  • Save time getting dressed everyday
  • Feel confident and beautiful every day

If you are ready to feel amazing in what you wear every day, get dressed with joy and ease, and save money by knowing how to shop for your body type. Let’s schedule a call to discuss how I can help.

If you thrive more in a group setting, more than one on one, message me for more information on my small group Signature Style Course.