Are You Ready To Mix It Up?

by | Jan 28, 2021

Photo of two animal print boots stacked on each other

Print mixing is an easy way to add interest to an outfit.

It can be overwhelming at first and let’s be honest, we each have our own comfort level when it comes to how adventurous we want to be when mixing patterns.

Starting off you may want to choose a textured sweater or cardigan as your base piece, and add a classic stripe, or if your are feeling a bit more bold, a bright floral.

Image of a sweater with a floral shirt underneath
Image of a sweater with a striped shirt underneath

If you are ready to step up your print mixing, try a bold pattern as your base piece and then choose a smaller print in the same color tones.

Graphic tees are another great way to pattern mix. I love a print or textured jacket with a graphic tee.  And a graphic tee can add a little bit of edge to a more conservative suit jacket.

Image of patterned cardigan over tank top

Don’t overlook a scarf for an additional print mixing option. I love the small print of the scarf mixed with the bold stripe of the sweater. This sweater also has a great texture which adds another fun element to the print mixing.

Image of a striped sweater with a scarf

How do you feel about print mixing?

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